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YouTube Supporting Alder Hey Children's Hospital (Liverpool)

Prism Gaming UK

About Them:

Hello everyone we are a YouTube gaming channel trying to raise as much money as we can for Alder Hey Children's Hospital Liverpool. We will be putting up game footage for PS3 and PC games. We will be donating money from the google ads linked to the YouTube channel so the more people we can get to the channel the more money we can raise for this great charity.

This page has been set up on behalf of Danny's brave little girl Chloe Melissa Evans. She has been in and out of Alder Hey since birth and had over 20 visits to theater for major heart surgery. Danny & partner Leanne have stayed in the Ronald Mc Donald House a fair few times and it has been a godsend in giving them a home away from home. We want to thank the staff at the Ronald Mc Donald House and Alder Hey for their dedication and giving us a place to stay in time of need and helping make little Chloe better.

You can also support Team Chloe by sending a text. It can be from 1 to 10 by texting CHLO99 1 to 70070

You can also donate by card to the Team Chloe Page

We will do our best to upload as many gaming tips, tricks and tactics for the following games:

Battlefield 3
Call Of Duty 3
Battlefield 2
Call Of Duty: Black Ops